SFMS Quality Policy 



A competent, reliable, innovative forensic institution that complies with the international quality management system standards, and the results of examinations and expertise carried out at SFMS are recognized at the international level.



To implement the state policy in the field of application of specific knowledge, through performing forensic medical examinations and expertise by the courts, prosecutors and investigating officers' orders, natural and legal persons’ requests, introducing new methods of examination in the expert practice, carrying out of research and development and methodological work in the field of forensic science.


Our Values: 

Professionalism and Competence - we are professionals in our field, honestly and responsibly providing quality services. We constantly improve our knowledge and professional skills through advanced national and international expertise in the field of forensic medicine and creatively applying it in practice.

Impartiality and Objectivity we conduct forensic medical expertise and examinations by assessing the objective examination data, free from the possible interference of interested parties, in our work we are responsible, principled and dutiful.

Confidentiality and respect for the individual we adhere to the personal data protection and information confidentiality principles in order to ensure an appropriate case investigation process in accordance with the laws. We are sensitive to and tolerant of each individual’s situation and views, respect privacy and ensure an appropriate respect for the victims and their families.

Collaboration - we are open for cooperation and act unanimously for the common noble purpose - to serve justice. We share knowledge and professional experience, discuss the achievements and challenges of our activities and help each other in order to find an optimal solution.

The compliance of the quality management system with the requirements of the International Standard ISO / IEC 17025:2005 is one of the key elements for ensuring optimal meeting the requirements of forensic medical examinations (expertise) - the quality and timeliness of forensic medical examinations (expertise) complying with international standards and encouraging the staff‘s focus on common and responsible work for achieving the estabilshed goals.


The quality management system involves an ongoing improvement and optimization of the Service‘s management structure and methods of work and operational processes, efficient employment of SFMS material and human resources, improvement of the specialists‘ professional competence, ensuring comptence, stability and prestigue of the institution‘s operational activities at the national and international level.